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Removing Meetings from the Portal doesn't work........

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Removing Meetings from the Portal doesn't work........

I recently purchased Sage Act Connect and loaded all my contacts into the portal fairly easily.  I just found out, after spending an inordinate amount of time with tech support, that ACT and Sage Act Connect do not completely sync up.  In order for any meeting that you have scheduled to be removed from the online portal, you have to erase the meeting from ACT.  I never erase meetings or appointments.  I always clear them and that gives me the opportunity to schedule a follow up.  I believe that ACT has really fallen short on this one.  I don't know about anyone else that uses ACT but having to erase meetings instead of clearing them defeats the purpose of maintaining a history of the client contact.  This might sound odd but I believe I was misled into thinking that you can sync all your activities between ACT and Sage Act Connect.  Sage forgot to mention you cannot remove meetings from the portal without erasing them from ACT and then running another sync.


Anybody out there have a suggestion that might be helpful?


Thank you.