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Welcome to the Sage ACT! Connect Beta forum. On behalf of the entire ACT! Product team we would like to thank you for your participation in this Beta. Please consider this board as your primary source for reporting product feedback and receiving support for beta testing of Sage ACT! Connect with iPhone, iPad & Other HTML 5 Enabled Devices.

This forum will be monitored by members of the ACT! Beta Support team Monday-Friday, 8:30am-8:30pm ET. Please remember to provide specific steps to reproduce along with any screen shots that may be helpful for troubleshooting If you have questions or feedback regarding new product areas, feel free to create a new post/topic.

Happy Beta Testing! We look forward to your feedback!

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Founded in 1999, Melville-Schellmann is a full service provider for Act! and a developer of enhancement technologies for Act! since then.
Our product “ACTOptimum! +” is a complete suite of operative plugins and visualization tools for SQL queries from any database (Act!, ERP, Excel). It also contains a powerful script programming interface for Act! and a complete CTI solution.

Location: Germany
Contact: Email
Tel: +49 4102 803650