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Synch with Iphone 3GS

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Synch with Iphone 3GS

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I currently operate Sage ACT! Pro 2011 Version, Hotfix 1 English (United States) on a PC using Windows XP.


My mobile device is an Apple 3 GS phone that is current as far as the Apple upgrades are concerned.


I have set up the Act connect and did a synch from the PC.  It went through a process that appeared to be a synch with the database that I use on the PC.  


However, when I login to the portal from my Iphone, I do not have any contacts, nor do I show any calendar appointments.


Is the version of Act on my PC compatible with this Beta version?  


If the software is compatible, is there a step I have missed?  My business associate tried the same process with his Apple Iphone 4 and had the same result, not contacts or calendar entries.


Thank you.


P.S.  I am also a bit confused about whether I should be involved in the BETA, or buying the Handheld Contact Professional.  When I called in to Sage, the person I spoke with said that the Handheld Contact Professional did not work well with the Iphone.  This is a bit confusing as the description on the Sage website indicates that it does work with the Iphone.


I don't mind paying the $179, if it will work.


Any clarification about this will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Synch with Iphone 3GS

Hello BlueTrium and welcome to the beta. What steps are you taking to sync your computer to the portal ? Also is the user account in the Sage ACT! Connect PC client does it match what you log into ? Also Handheld contact works with it but beyond that I couldn't say without testing with it.

Rodney Clark
act! Product Specialist