Using E-Deals to grow your lists #Email #Marketing #TopTips

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Here are a few tips to consider on how you can grow your lists.


5 Tips for Building Strong Relationships #Tips #ActCloud

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The first interaction with a customer is the most important: it sets the foundation for the relationship moving forward. Here are some tips to make those relationships last.


Top 10 tips for successful software development management


Learning of this awesome holiday sparked a curiosity with in me that led me to wanting to learn more about the art of high fiving that I seem to be taking for granted. These were a few of my discoveries


Lowering Stress as a Sales Manager by @jgolly1250

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As a sales leader, I have learned emotions can be contagious. If you are a sales manager who consistently feels overwhelmed and stressed out, this can negatively impact your sales performance of your company, team, and push away customers. How do you lower your stress so you can continue to encourage those around you and maintain your own sanity?


You can buy into the dream, you can get it up and running, you can even make it look good – but how do you ensure people are still using it 6 or 12 months down the line? A CRM is for life, not just for implementation.


I wade through hundreds of emails a day and rarely open emails from senders that are not employees, customers, partners or mom, but when I do, there is a reason why.


I believe that everyone is striving to be great at what they do. Whether you’re a landscaper, hairdresser, or software consultant, you chose your profession because you are good at it and you get joy out of a job well done. The harsh truth is to start a business, you have to focus on other things.  Inventory, scheduling, taxes, websites, social media, branding… the list goes on and you haven’t even got a customer yet!


I’m so excited!  Spring is in the air and I’ve spent the last few weeks with my two boys getting ready to start our first family vegetable garden.  We’ve set-up and framed two raised garden beds.  As my boys and I started working on our garden beds - that I affectionately call our “farm” - it occurred to me that many of the best gardening tactics also apply to website optimization, #leadgen, and effective customer relationship programs…


Get to Know a Swiftie: Bob Breeding, Act! R&D #SwiftpageNation

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We're peeling back the layers so you can get to know Swiftpage employees a little better!


Swiftpage Nation -
We are receiving reports that individuals are receiving malicious e-mails with an infectious virus file attachment. The file is titled to trick the reader into believing it is a sales receipt from Swiftpage.
To be clear, these e-mails are NOT originating from Swiftpage and our systems remain secure.  We have not been hacked.
Nonetheless, please be extremely careful when viewing e-mails that appear to come from Swiftpage or of its associated domains (,,  Do not open any attachments that are suspect.  When in doubt, delete the e-mail, and contact Swiftpage support at
Further, we advise that you do not open any zip files attached to any e-mail that appears to be addressed from Swiftpage. Delete the email immediately and report it to the support address above.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue further.

If you're new to Act! v16, take advantage of our special Buy More, Get More campaign and get more!


How do you communicate?

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What time of the day are you most likely to be in a meeting, on a phone call, sending email, or available via chat?  One easy way to answer this is to open your calendar and look at the last week and count the meetings, phone calls, outbound emails and chat sessions and plot those against a daily graph.  I plotted mine against 2 hour blocks of the day and had some interesting realizations.


No seriously, “don’t go to work unless it’s fun day”… never heard of it? How do you make work both purposeful and fun?


Make friends with Act! #ActCloud #CRM

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People are at the center of our lives and our daily transactions and interactions.  Traditional contact management made people uniform, serial, a collection of ones and zeroes.  Is that how you see them? Is that what is elicited when you think of the people that have entered into your life - business or otherwise?


Act! announces today its new product lineup; Act!, Diet Act! and Act! Zero

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In our multi prong effort to reduce obesity in CRM and save the environment of features destined for landfill, a new Act! lineup hits the market today.  We have transformed the Act! offering into a eco-friendly, recyclable and healthy lineup.  We’re doing this to address a societal obsession to eliminate software that makes users feel bloated or empty with “all fashion – no features.”


Posting on behalf of Duncan Wood (originally posted in the Saleslogix community).


4 days to go!! E10 is all you need to know!! Come and say hello in London at TFM&A 25th & 26th Feb!


Important notice for anyone experiencing issues editing Swiftpage templates after upgrading to IE 11


The Importance of Sharing Your Purpose, Vision & Values

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Do you know why you show up for your job each day? Do your employees, partners and customers know?


Act! Architecture #ActCRM

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Understanding Act! architecture, customization, and security.



A Huge Win for Swiftpage Nation

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A huge milestone and representation of our unwavering commitment to our people and our products.


Act! Roadshow Wrap Up #ActCRM

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Over the course of August and July, Swiftpage had over 50 Act! roadshows and events across North America.


Keep it Simple

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Are you making it easy for customers to do business with your company? Here are some questions to ask yourself.


Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

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Recently, I experienced very poor customer service at a tanning salon, where I had been loyally going for years. The service was so bad, that I decided to terminate my membership and immediately start shopping for a new salon.


#ActCRM Reviews of Act! are in!

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If you are anything like me, reviews are key to making online purchases. See what others are saying and post your own!


Marketing is influenced by many different audiences today. It is quite a task to determine the best way to influence different types of audiences with effective marketing campaigns.


It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

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Every person in your business has a part to play in the customer journey: from the front desk receptionist, to the accountants, to the CEO – everyone.


by Stacy Roach, Power of 3 Consulting


Good morning community members!  We have another great Power Tip brought to you by one of our amazing Act! Certififed Consultants; Power of 3 Consulting's own Stacy Roach.  Thanks for sharing these great tips via vlog with the Act! Community Stacy!




Did you like this video blog? We invite you to comment below!





The line between business and non-business hours is becoming increasingly blurred and merchants who don't reply to off-hour customers promptly will lose out on potential business and gain a reputation for being unaccommodating. To a smart business, there are no business hours because all hours are business hours. Here are some tips on what tod do about it.


Do the new Gmail inbox tabs decrease the value of email marketing or are they a good thing?


Thank you for participating on our live Q&A session!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in today's live Q&A! We had a great time hosting the event and hope you found it helpful to get your questions answered directly by our Product Management team.


Are you trying to post questions for the Live Q&A via Twitter? #Actv16QA

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We've noticed we're unable to bring up current feeds for the event hash tag


It's LIVE RIGHT NOW. Please join us and ask your questions - our Product Managers, Ben Lederer and Guy Clack are here until 1pm PDT.


Get It Together!

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 Somewhere amidst this ticker tape parade of data your new revenue and customers reside.  Not just the ones you can capture, but the referrals that come along with them.  Over time, mismanaged contacts can become an exponentially expanding loss of revenue for your business.  Why not find a way to organize them?

Ask the Experts: Live Q&A Session with the Act! Product Team #Actv16QA

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In order for you to learn more about the new release of Act! v16, we’re inviting you to interact live with the Act! product management team behind all the new features and enhancements.


Act! Roadshows & Events #ActCRM

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With the new version of Act! v16 that has just arrived, Act! Events
& Roadshows are the best places to see the new features and enhancements in


The next Act! is Here! #Actv16

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Hello, the energy is still surging around the next Act!.


If you didn't see John's post from yesterday about the Act! v16 launch, you can check it out here.




We’ve just unveiled a huge new upgrade to our Act! contact management platform.  It’s officially called Act! v16, and if you’ve been waiting get started with Act! (or upgrade from a previous version), I strongly encourage you to make this the one.


Living the Exclamation

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I want to give you a heads up that soon we’ll be launching a brand new Social Media Newsroom style site as well as a new blog featuring members of our executive leadership team entitled, “Living the Exclamation”.


Self-Service: Not Just for Gas Stations

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When you encounter a problem with a product, what do you normally do first? Companies need to take care of us even when we don’t feel like talking to them.


Keep Your Communication Simple

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No matter your audience, purpose, or type of media; effective communication is simple. But what really works?


Act! Reschedule Multiple Activities Peek #Actv16Peek #ActCRM

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Even more peeks into the next Act! release. Simple, but valuable!


Top 10 Tips for Building Your List of Email Addresses

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Looking for ways to build your list? Check out this weeks Top 10 Tips!


Tracking the performance of your email campaigns is one of the key steps to evaluating the health of your email program.


Your business “Command Center” – the new Act! #Actv16Peek

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Flipping between applications or having to log in to multiple websites in order to find customer information or complete a basic task is at best, annoying, and at worst, expensive, in terms of lost productivity.


Act! Mobility and Tablet Features Peek #Actv16Peek #ActCRM

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WHA?!? More sneak peeks into the next Act! release. YEAH!! This one is too hot to hold still!


Act! v16 Is Coming Soon! #Actv16Peek

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The energy level surrounding the next Act! is so hot, it glows! What’s behind the surge? Well, it’s a lot of things.

For one, there's all the value in the following new features.


5 Common Web Design Mistakes

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You’ve spent countless hours building and agonizing over every detail of your website. You love it, and you think your customers will too—but the leads aren’t coming and the money isn’t flowing. What’s going on?


We all know that websites play a critical role in any business’ marketing and branding efforts. A poorly designed website can lead to a confusing user experience, resulting in a loss of potential revenue. I am frequently asked to provide feedback on websites for co-workers, friends, and family. While we all agree that a well-designed website will generate more leads and revenue, it’s easier said than done. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes I see – and how to avoid making them.


Act! Calculated fields – SDK Primer

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One of the many new features in Act!! V16.0 is calculated fields.  It allows users to generate fields that automatically calculate numbers (decimal/numeric/currency) and dates (ages, # of days till, etc ).


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