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Swiftpage Email still sends to records that have been deleted from Database or Not in the lookup


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Each week we send weekly deals to certain groups in our database. To minimize the storage of bad records, if an email is returned as undeliverable we delete the record entirely so in theory it's also no longer part of the group.  After several months of doing this we noticed that many times when searching for emails that were undeliverable the record no longer exists as it was previously removed. How in the world can Swiftpage still receive emails for records that no longer exist. When contacting them they explained that it was due to email forwarding which forwards the email to another destination email that may be invalid therefore causing the return. The problem with this theory is that we would still have to initiate the email to the forwarding email ( which has been deleted) and the destination email does not exist anywhere in the database. Lastly we also have noticed that when sending eblasts it is sending to contacts that are not in the designated group. We have been receiving opt outs and when looking them up to uncheck a manual email opt in button and to remove them from the weekly deal group. We notice that they should have never been sent an email because they are not part of the email group that receives the weekly deals. Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!



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Re: Swiftpage Email still sends to records that have been deleted from Database or Not in the lookup



I apologize for your frustration around this issue and would like to help.  This sounds like a very unique issue however something that we can look into further than has already been done.  Please feel free to email me the details of this such as examples of emails and sends that this occurred on and I can have our team research more to see why and how this could be occurring on your account.  My email is

I look forward to hearing from you and getting this resolved.

Thank you,