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Sage Act 2012 Premium Import

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I have been trying to import the data from swiftpage/emarketing to update our database for email/eshot suppression reason.


Unfortunatly I carnt seem to get it to work.


On the import file it just has 2 columns of data. email and suppresion reason. I have mapped them to the correct field and it feels like its done it as it says import success with no errors or whatever. But when I check the records that should have been updated no change has been made.


Can anybody help me with this.




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Re: Sage Act 2012 Premium Import

You'll want to check your 'Duplicate Checking' settings and only have them set to match on e-mail address.  If there are other fields listed in the Dup Checking, they won't be able to match because your file doesn't contain them.


Duplicate Checking can be found under Tools > Preferences > Admin tab (far right after Startup tab) > Duplicate Checking.

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Re: Sage Act 2012 Premium Import

Thats great thanks seems to be working, though it only seems to update the first 300-400 out of just over 4000 records it should be updating, then when I run the import again it seems to update another few hundred.