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Act 2010 Marketing Results Tab Question on "last history" Vs. "email marketing history"

I have started using the integrated emarketing functions in act to send targeted email blasts.  I have also upgraded to the "team marketing" level and I'm starting to  use call lists, etc.  On the marketing results tab when in a contact file there is a section for contact summary which includes a field for "last history".  I have discovered that this "last history" section doesn't reflect any emails sent using swiftpage- just any "last history" of any other sort.  I'm assuming this is the case since you can view email swift email activity under the "emarketing history tab"?  I only question this since when I look at "my record" the last history item shown is a swiftpage email blast that I sent to a group including myself?  I just want to make sure my swiftpage functionality is integrating correctly with act?  Thank you!