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integrating with yahoo email

I am a new user and am setting up ACT! for the 1st time.  Can someone help me with the email system set-up wizard so I can use my yahoo email account?
Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: integrating with yahoo email


Before you can set up ACT Email to work with Yahoo, there are a four things you will need to get from Yahoo.

1. The Outgoing (SMTP) Server
2. The Incoming (Pop3) Server
3. The ports Yahoo uses to send email By default these ports are 110 and 25
4. Account info such as sign in name and password

One thing to keep in mind when using Yahoo, I believe they use non-standard ports. If this is the case, you would not be able to set up Yahoo directly within ACT Email, you would instead need to set it up with Oulook or Outlook Express then have ACT set up with them.
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Re: integrating with yahoo email

I am a new user.  The Sage U tutorial walks me through Yahoo email setup, but it didn't work. It keeps saying "Failed - cannot find incoming mail server." I called tech support, and the man said I couldn't integrate Yahoo directly from ACT but had to set up Outlook. He didn't know why.

I tried to setup Outlook, but the same problem recurrs: "cannot recognize the incoming mail server." I checked the ports and it was already set up for 110 and 25.

What's up? Can I or can't I use ACT to access my (free)YahooMail account?

Copper Elite Contributor
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Re: integrating with yahoo email



You used to be able to access Yahoo mail for free years ago with your own "email program" like Outlook/Eudora/Thuderbird but it's not free anymore.  You must sign up for one of their non-free accounts like Yahoo Mail Plus for about $20/year or a business account depending on your use.  Microsoft also charges for their service too however Google's GMail is free and supports both IMAP and POP.