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creating and attaching documents without having to print


I have ACT 2008  Version 10.  want to know if when I write and document from Act - if It can attach without me having to actually

press the print icon and have it print out.


I just want to write the doc and then have it attach in the History.


HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!


Also - how can I configure the process so that when the document saves in Attachments - it saves to a specific folder.

i.e.  If I generate or write a fax doc or a quote or memo - it saves in the folder of that name.



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Re: creating and attaching documents without having to print

If you don't want to print the document, what do you want to do with it?

Is this just single docs or merges?

Normally the History is that you've printed a document to send... you could always save it and then attach it.


You can't configure folders in the attachments folder.