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creating a new database

I'm trying to create a new database.  Act! 10.0 2008
As it attempts to create, I receive the following popup-"User license count exceeded.  There are not enough licenses in this database to allow you to log in.  Please contact your administrator." 
I click OK.  It then creates the new database "files" but no .pad
I am the administrator and there is currently only one database.
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Re: creating a new database

I am getting this same issue.  Were you able to resolve this?  Is anyone else having this same problem?
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Re: creating a new database

After much painful time on the phone with support this issue appears to have been solved.  I went through the registration process when I purchased the software but for some reason that was not listed on the registration screen.  I went to Help and Register Act and entered the information again and now it seems to work.  If this does not solve it for you, here are some article numbers from support that might help.
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Re: creating a new database

Thank you, Kintoro, for coming back to help the OP. Smiley Happy
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Re: creating a new database

[ Edited ]

Act tracks licensing at the user account level AND the database access level.  Therefore, if you have 5 licenses, then you may have only 5 user accounts AND you may have only 5 sessions active on the database. 


For example, if you have 1 license: 


Only one session can be active on the database, i.e. 10 people can't share that 1 account. 

All accounts created after the 1st account will be unable to log in to the database.


Message Edited by drf3rd on 06-12-2008 02:05 PM