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Totally frustrated with ACT network sync not working.

Were trying to network sync on Act 2009 and its getting very frustrating. It appears no one is able to offer any sugegstions as to weather this is an Act issue or a windows small business server 2008 issue, or a router issue for that matter.


My Act tech doesn't know either and says that its never been a problem, just open up port 65100 and point it to your server IP.


This is what has been done on the server. Act installed, act sync manager installed, everything with the database configured. Firewall is OFF. AntiVirus is OFF.


This is what has been done on the router: forward port 65100 to 65100 on TCP to our internal server IP.


This is what happens through telnet:

From the server - telnet external IP (router static IP) 65100 - No Connection

From the server - telnet instenal IP or Servername 65100 - CONNECTION


From a remote system (off the network) - Not using VPN - telnet external IP 65100 - NO Connection.




Computers on the network can sync fine.


I have tried changing the port, nothing. The ACT sync service is running and is in service.msc as running.

What would you check next? What on the server would you look at? or is it the router? or is it ACT? The ISP blocks no ports. I think I've covered all my bases and still no luck with this problem.

Can someone please direct me in the right way. Theres got to be many ACT users running on a SBS2008 standard server.


Thank you,

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Re: Totally frustrated with ACT network sync not working.

You're not going to like my answer. Forget about ACT! at this point, the results you are getting with telnet says that you are not able to connect externally to the port, something is blocking access. ACT! is not involved at this point, this is strictly on the internet side.
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Re: Totally frustrated with ACT network sync not working.


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