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Sending email to more than one address in a Contact Record.

Thought I would try one last posting before I give up on an answer:


Many of my clients have more than one email address and a good percentage are partners. As a result it is much more efficient to have them included in one Contact record and be able to send the same email to their various email addresses.


Can anyone tell me, how I send the same email to more than one address from the Contact record and when doing a mail merge?


I have been using Act! for years and this limitation has always been time consuming and frustrating. Currently I have to cut and paste the Co-Contact email and place it in Outlook or do a second mail merge for Co-Contacts only when doing a mail merge.


I am using Act! 2011 and Oulook 2007.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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Re: Sending email to more than one address in a Contact Record.

Typically mail merging for email only works with the primary email address for the contact.

If you have multiple addresses which many folks do have them, you will have to use an additional tool:

your choices are


Mail merge from Northwoods

(can also be found on the website)

E-mail connect from


There are several vertical market apps that ACT! has bundled this for same email to 1 person with multiple email addresses.

Financial advisors use these tools.

Hope that helps,


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