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Message: Email Client Not Configured

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I am using Sage Act! 2012 with Gmail integration. When I select a contact and try to write them an email using the Write > Email message (from template), it tells me that I do not have email client configured. This means Gmail integration would render the write email function useless. This would mean Gmail is not completely integrated and I would not be able to use the convenience of writing emails to customers using templates (mail merge). Please correct me if I am wrong. But doesn't that means that Gmail integration is only limited to a certain extent of recording history?


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Re: Message: Email Client Not Configured

Does ACT 2012 have built in Integration with Gmail or do you still have to go through all kinds of hassles?

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Re: Message: Email Client Not Configured

ACT! 2012 integration with Gmail is to record history items for emails sent through Gmail.  The ACT! program will not initiate a new email using Gmail.  


Google integration also includes synchronizing your ACT! contacts and calendar with the Google contacts and calendar.


Greg Martin