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Linking Contacts with Companies

I've imported 355 Companies and 638 Contacts from Maximizer successfully.  The unusual thing (to me) is that from the Company view I see no contacts listed.  The contact view does have the company field appropriately filled out with the company name.  Do I have to go through every company now and manually select all my contacts with the "Add/Remove Contacts" button?  I made the incorrect assumption that Contacts and Companies would automatically link and update.  


After further checking, the company "company" field name and contact "company" field name are linked through the "Define fields" window.  Also, "Preferences" is still set to have new contacts automatically link to their company record.


Thank you in advance for any help!

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Re: Linking Contacts with Companies

Right - no automatic linking in the scenario you followed...


That said, you can view the contact list, sort by Company, hilight all of the contacts for a given company, right click and choose 'Add to Company'...

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Re: Linking Contacts with Companies

Thank you so much for your response.  You mentioned it is not possible in the scenario I followed.  Can we change the scenario a little ... say we start over. 


Is there anyway to get companies and contacts to automatically link as they are imported (if I started over)?  I still have my original text delimited files.  Re-importing would be faster than manually linking everything ... IF ... there is some way to automatically link.


The funny thing to me is that the company field is properly populated in the contact view.