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Link contact to company by import

How can I link contacts to companies when I'm importing them. I only can see that a contacts is connect with a company only a the "Contact card", the company will stand directly under the contact name. But in the "Groups/contact" tab of the "Contact detail card" there is no connection with the company and also in the "Contacts" tab of the "Company detail" card there is no connection with the contact.

How can I create a connection in those tabs directly during the imported of an excel sheet?

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Re: Link contact to company by import

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Re: Link contact to company by import

So wait a minute, to use ACT which I used a long time ago and loved....and have been using a miriad of other CRM/contact mgrs, I now have to buy ACT and a third party solution to get ACT to acknowledge that a contact belongs to a company and to be able to view a company and see those contacts.  From a .csv file?  Sage needs to do something.  This will cause me to look for another solution for my sales team.



GLComputing wrote:

Unfortunately, ACT!'s import can't auto-link the Contacts to Companies.


You can do this with an add-on such as itImport