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Installing as a Server/Client Relationship

We have recently purchased ACT! 2009 Standard and I was looking to install it on a server which will host the Publisher database which the users will synchronize from.  I spoke to a rep who said that software can be installed on a server without using one of the licenses but wasn't able to provide me with a way to do this.  How can I accomplish this without using one of my 5 licenses?



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Re: Installing as a Server/Client Relationship

The licenses are attached to the user, not the install.
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Re: Installing as a Server/Client Relationship

Install Act! on your server.  Activate/register using your 5 seat serial number.  Install/create Act! database on server.


Move to client PCs and install, again using your 5 seat license.


You can install more than 5 times with a 5 user license, although there is an upper limit to the number of times that the serial will be able to activate (Sage give some leeway on activations such that when you get a new PC and need to re-install, you can.)


As Mike points out, you will only be able to have 5 active users in the database at one time.  Do not create a generic Admin login, as this would consume one of your licenses.  Instead, be sure to have at least 2 of your named users set up as Admin level users.