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How should I Sync

My life used to be simple:  I was a solo Act 6 user for eons.  I am still solo, but just recently upgraded to 2012.  What a change!


When using 6.0, I had Act on my desktop and actually used SugarSync to copy the database files to the Cloud.  When I used my laptop, Act simply used the Sugarsynced database and all was fine and dandy.


Act 2012 is different in that the databases are now locked.  So, they can not be copied, transferred or otherwise used in the fashion that I had been doing it.


So, I investigated Act Synchrionization.  Looks promising enough.


My question:  Can I setup the remote database and use Sugarsync (or Dropbox) to sync that to my laptop?  Or is the remote database locked too?


I am looking for a simple solution to syncing the database to my laptop whenever I am on the road.  I thought about simply making a backup of the database and then using that on my laptop and then transferring it back when I returned.  But it takes too much planning to do that.


So, all I have is a peer to peer network in my home.  Using SugarSync/Dropbox is the only way I can think of to sync the remote with the main database.


Any other ideas?

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Re: How should I Sync

I think this is what you would like to do.

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Re: How should I Sync

Sugarsync, DropBox,  and Carbonite- None of them should ever be used to backup and copy databases.  It's a disaster waiting to happen.  In ACT 6 because an ACT database consisted of 23 or so files, the chances or an old one and a new one intermingling is a sure recipe for database corruption.  I've seen it many times.  In new ACT, because the SQL backend ties the name of the database to the machine name and for the reasons above, also a bad thing waiting to happen.


ACT sync works pretty well when set up properly. Much more reliable than in the old ACT 6.0 world.  Go through the effort and do it right or use a consultant.  It will make your world a lot better.

Jon Klubnik|
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Re: How should I Sync

That is a great link. Much more helpful than Act Help.
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Re: How should I Sync

Warning heeded. Thank you for the heads up!