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Cleared Activity Timestamp matches date created, not cleared.

We are using Act 2007 ( and do NOT roll over activities to the next day.  Lets say there is an activity (call) scheduled for 7/25/2008 @ 8:00am.  I actually make the call at 3:30pm on 7/26/2008.  When I clear it, the cleared call shows up in history as if it were completed on 7/25/2008 @ 8:00am which is the time it was scheduled for, not the time it was completed. 


On ONE of my workstations, if you erase the scheduled time (in the clear activity dialog box) and then press OK, the history record will show the actual cleared time for that activity.  On TWO OTHER workstations doing the same thing will result in the scheduled time being shown in history.  All three workstations are using the same version of Act (


Is there a way to force ACT to record the date/time an activity was CLEARED in history as opposed to the DATE/TIME it was scheduled.  If that is not possible, how do I get my other two workstations to record the correct cleared time?  I realize I can work around this by re-scheduling the call to the current date/time in the clear activity dialong box, but I'm looking for something more automated.  I can't imagine why Act would show the call creation date in history by design.





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Re: Cleared Activity Timestamp matches date created, not cleared.

We have the same issue. We're using version One thing we've done to get a better idea is to run one of the History summary reports for the time frame we're looking at. It's a bit clunkier, than we'd like but you do have the option of customizing the reports too. It's not a complete fix, but it does give us what we're looking for -who did what & when.



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Re: Cleared Activity Timestamp matches date created, not cleared.

I have 2010 and have the same problem. It's even worst, some activities are cleared a the actual time, some are created at the timer they where schedules. And the date stay the date it was scheduled for. Unitil it fix our history will be full of errors.

Act 2010 v. hotfix 1. -Windows 7
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Re: Cleared Activity Timestamp matches date created, not cleared.


yeyyy I just found a fix on another question here re date stamps.


Go into your history tab

right click and select Customise columns

find Creation date and click on the arrow to move that from the "available columns" into the "show as columns in this order"


job done - MAN this has driven me nuts for months