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Can't uninstall Act

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Can't uninstall Act

I am a new and uncertain user of Act 2007.  My old computer could not handle the software without bogging down.  I have a new computer and cannot uninstall Act from my old computer.  The program file is big and I would like to get rid of it.  When I try to remove the program I get an "Error 1327 Invalid Drive: E."  Customer support at Sage will cost me $50 plus $5 per minute or hundreds for a service contract to answer this small technical glitch.  I am a small business just getting started and am not even sure Act will be useful yet.  So far I am unimpressed.  Any free suggestions on uninstalling?  Thanks!

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Re: Can't uninstall Act

It sounds like this machine used to have an "E:\" drive but not anymore?  If so, what did E used to be - a hard drive?  A CD-ROM?  Can you put drive E back in the system?  Obviously not a great solution but might fix this issue for you.
An easier idea is to search your registry for "E:\" and see if you find something pointing towards ACT!.  For instance the install path is set at the following:
  InstallPath = "C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\"
  EmailDBPath = "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\ACT\ACT for Windows\Email\10"
It could be that one of these values got set to "E:\" in your registry.  Huge disclaimer for this however.... modify your registry at your own risk!!!
On the other hand, if you only want to save space on an old machine that you'll never try to run ACT! on again... I would just delete all the files under \Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows\.  But you will still have, among other things, a registry key telling Add/Remove Programs that it's installed, which will likely cause future ACT! installs to fail.
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Re: Can't uninstall Act

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Re: Can't uninstall Act

to resolve the Error 1327.Invalid Drive:

backup your registry and then search fot the drive (E.G    E:  or  T: )

in teh registry  - you can see some folders under Exlorer \users\shell folders  (  iam providing the end of the key )

it will point to  My documents  T:\My documents  

change to the C:\My documents

follow the process to the other keys also  - then try to remove or reisntall act - it will work