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Auto Dialers / Predictive Dialers

I am looking for an auto dialer / perdictive dialer solution.


This one from act addons is no longer carried from the supplier...




Did anyone use it?


(If it is no longer available why doesn't act addons take it off?)


Help please!





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Re: Auto Dialers / Predictive Dialers

Have a look at this ACT! add-on, works very well


Neil Gilford
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Re: Auto Dialers / Predictive Dialers

[ Edited ]

Here is another possible solution to use your ACT! Dialer with broadband   

 MagicJack  and Faxtalk - Eliminate your phone bill in the process and send faxes paperlessly.

Or use fax machine with magicjack. We have been using both with much success and no phone bill.

Cheers - FSB

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Re: Auto Dialers / Predictive Dialers

Neil, the link posted no longer works. Can you tell me what it was too? I'd like to check it out. Thanks.