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Adding ACT address book to Outlook - Act database "not fully configured"?

Trying to connect my ACT "address book" to Outlook.  I get to the point where I highlight that it is an ACT database, and when I hit "next", I keep getting a msg that says "The account you added is not fully configured.  It might not work properly until re-configured correctly".  I hit OK, and it goes back to the same screen, and if I hit "next" again, I get the same message.  It doesn't look like there is any way to make forward progress from this point, and I'm not sure what they mean by "not fully configured".  ACT, othewise, is working fine.


Everything used to work fine, but then I had some work done on the computer, and all of the applications had to be re-installed.  The data, however, remained intact, and did not have to be re-installed.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this situation?