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ACT v. 11 Sync Issue - Please help

Act v. 11

Windows Vista SP1

Palm Treo 700wx running windows mobile 5.0

Windows mobile device center 6.1



When I plug my Treo in to sync, it appears to sync. It reports in the sync center as a successful sync, but I have no data is transferred to my handheld. I get no error messages and no conflicts. The log shows it as a successful sync but my contacts and calendar do not show up in my Treo.


I've checked in the device center and the boxes are checked for ACT contacts and activities. I've also check in activesync and the boxes are checked there as well.


I was previously syncing with Outlook and everything worked fine. I've tried deleting all other programs that sync, reset the Treo. Broken the connection between the device and device center, and reinstalled everything. But nothing seems to work.


Any suggestions?

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Re: ACT v. 11 Sync Issue - Please help



See if this link helps you.  Answer ID 22700, Synchronization with the Pocket PC and Windows Vista® Does Not Transfer Any Data.



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Re: ACT v. 11 Sync Issue - Please help

Thank you


Sync'd no problem after that.

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Re: ACT v. 11 Sync Issue - Please help (Vista, HTC Touch, ACT! 2009)


I have the following setup:

  • - HTC Touch
  • - Vista Ultimate 32Bit
  • - ACT! 2009

I have tried everything ACT! Support team has asked me too in order to resolve the sync issue between Vista and my Pocket PC mobile however all failed to date, I have just purchased a new laptop and did all the updates and did a fresh setup of all the software’s however despite not receiving any sync errors now the sync transfers no ACT! Data and yes before anyone asks the installation has been done correctly and all requirements matched.  I’m confident that if I switch off UAC on Vista and reinstall all will work however for number of reasons which I cannot go into as it would be too detailed I cannot turn off UAC so is there anyway to resolve this issue without disabling the UAC?

I would appreciate it if someone with good knowledge/experience about this can get back to me ASAP.

Many thanks in advance,


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Re: ACT v. 11 Sync Issue - Please help

I used to sync my Treo 700WX with ACT11 in VISTA no problem then I start getting the message when I sync with Windows Mobile: "ACT! Contacts, ACT! Activities, Clx To-do's: attention required"

I tried your User Account solution to no avail. Any ideas other then HandHeld

Regards; Scott