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trouble going from act2000 5.0.0 to 2012

have attempted to move database from act2000 to 2012.  Issues:  act2000 on old xp laptop trying to move everything over to new laptop with W7.  was able to get contact data over to 2012 but no notes/history.  looked at forum a pulled more than i can count. tried various options jumpdrive restore/open to auto convert.  text comma delimited. dont have original disk otherwise would have put on new laptop and tried backup restore that way.  old laptop doesnt have memory to install 2012.  did clean database.  still have 4 red checks.  perhaps an issue with update to 5.0.4??? which i cant find a link to.  have seen mentioned trial version of 6??? any help would be great. im going bald here?!?

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