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Which version of ACT will allow me to do what I need to do?

Greetings, list. Sure appreciate some guidance.


This post is kind of a follow up to another I had on the Act6.x forum. 


What we need to do is be able to create a  (fairly simple) report in ACT with several columns, let's say, account number, name, a few status identifiers, etc. 


Then, we need to be able to create/export a neatly formatted excel file that contains this data. 



1. Is one of the newer versions of ACT export the contents of an ACT report to excel/dbf/csv file?If so, which one?

2. Will that newer version of ACT (whichever one that is) jive with other machines on the network that have act 6? 


Company has decided to use a spreadsheet as a sales management tool. (Yay.) So I need to find a solution to getting the data into excel without a lot of fooling around and formatting/cutting/pasting etc. 


Sure appreciate any help. 






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Re: Which version of ACT will allow me to do what I need to do?

All versions of Act after v6 have the one click Export to Excel. They cannot share data with Act 6. You can have both v6 and a newer version installed at the same time, but you should be entering data only in the new version. 


See the KB article on Export to Excel,