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Recruting Customers for Feedback on Workflow within ACT!

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Do you use ACT! frequently and wish there was an easy way to automate tasks in your database?  Some examples I've heard are:


1.     When a new Contact is created in the database with an ID/Status = Prospect, send a welcome email to the contact and schedule a follow up task one week after the welcome email is sent.

2.     When a Contact’s state field is equal to Arizona, assign the contact record to a specific Record Manager.

3.     When an Opportunity total value is greater than $1,000, automatically schedule a meeting with my sales manager to review and schedule a phone call with the customer.

4.     When a birthday in my database is approaching, send a birthday email to the contact and schedule a follow up activity on my calendar to call the contact on their birthday.

I'm looking for 10 customers who can spend an hour on the phone/webex every 3 weeks to review the improvements we've made to features related to Workflow and ACT!.  I'll ask participants to commit to attending these meetings January - May and be willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


If you're passionate about Workflow and ACT! let me know - I'd love to hear from you. 


E-mail to: if you are willing to participate.

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