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Re: OUTLOOK contacts sync

I don't mind paying for something if it works.  However, I also feel that if something else works and is free because a developer did something for the user community, that is the way to go.  Has anyone actually used quicksoft's ACT! Connect?  Does it work?  Any bugs?  Does it play well with the normal, integrated e-mail history attachment in ACT?


Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: OUTLOOK contacts sync

[ Edited ]

I installed Act 2010 today (first time user) and am in utter disbelief that I cannot synchronize these without a 3rd party application... Apparently, I cannot even transfer a single contact (without exporting/importing the entire list, causing duplicates).  To me, "Integrated" implies this feature.  I'm not trying to be difficult in any way, but I am SO curious as to why this is still the case with a very mature product.  It must be a strategic choice... or a very difficult problem, but I've somewhat out-ruled it as a problem because third parties do it, thus it must be a strategic choice, however the explanation eludes me.


PLEASE EDUCATE ME: Can ACT! serve as a stand-alone emailer (I'm admittedly ignorant about ACT!)?  Is the concept that Sage believes ACT! should be stand-alone (not "integrated")?  ...or are they implicitly recommending users to NOT store contacts in Outlook?   


Thanks to the previous poster re the free synch' tool, QuickSoft's Outlook Connect.  Has anyone used this? 


Also, whoever maintains the FAQ should add something about this.  I searched for quite a while thinking it would be in there, but I didn't see it. 



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Re: OUTLOOK contacts sync

I find it signficant that you have had no responses to this comment.


I too find it incredible that such a mature product has such poor "integration" with outlook: which surely must be the most widely used mail client in the world. I deliberately put "integrated" in quotes because the standard product patently isn't integrated. You need third party products to achieve any decent integration.


I am currently trialling Act 2010 and up to yesterday was pretty confident I would cough up the money. As of today, I'm not so sure. I've been using the Quicksoft addin to outlook 2007 to sync contacts, but this morning it has disappeared from the Outlook options menu.

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Re: OUTLOOK contacts sync

There are a number of ACT! to Outlook sync options. 


1. Built-in feature in ACT! 2010

2. DoubleLook

3. 123 Synchonizer

4. Quicksoft


All are great solutions, depending on what you're looking to synchronize, how you want to do it, and how much you want to pay for licensing and support.

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Re: OUTLOOK contacts sync

What do you think about Companion Link?



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Re: OUTLOOK contacts sync

Hi - How do I find out how to sync ACT contacts to Outlook in ACT?  You said it was an upgrade in version 10 (I have version 12) but I can't find it?


I've used Companion Link in the past and found it OK but now can't find out how to do it as they've changed the software!  However, if ACT version 10 includes a way of doing this, that would be far better!


I hope you can help!