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Notes Vs. History

I am starting a company completely new on ACT. I need to get them going the correct direction from the start. What's the opinion on the use of notes and history? I thought I heard someone say that notes is a carry over from older versions and it would go away with the next version, so history should be the main note taking location. Any thoughts???
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Re: Notes Vs. History

I recommend that the majority of information be recorded as a history. As it stands the history of all attached emails and completed tasks will appear hear in any case. 


I would suggest using Notes for those occasions that you wish to record something that will be relevant over time. E.g. Joe is a Bulldogs fan. The problem with entering this information into the History as it tends to fall off the screen as more day to day entries are added.


For every 20 history items I think you might find one occasion to enter a note. 

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Re: Notes Vs. History

Can anyone comment on the potential of "notes" going away in future versions?