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Moving Notes to History

For whatever reason our updates on contacts used to go into the notes section, but a few years ago people started using the history section instead. (I haven't been able to figure out why there was a change, but am told there was a reason for this)


Is there a script or something that could move all the items in the notes section to the history section? Or am I stuck having someone manually copy them over. We are cleaning out the system and trying to streamline the histories so we can eventually transition to a newer version of ACT or another CRM>



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Re: Moving Notes to History

Did you see this util its $195 but if your time cost more having to do many give them a call.



If you need a count of how many notes and diff. types of history records run the 21 day free trial tool I own it. Don't purge just hit the Notes Count Report button.




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Re: Moving Notes to History

Call me for my explanation of the change. It does make sense. BTW the Notes to History tool is great and many ACCs will do this change when we help someone do a conversion.

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Bob Kennedy
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