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Group Criteria question



To me this seems simple and isn't working... but maybe I'm missing something.


I wish to in a group show anyone that has an opportunity for a product of a certain name.


So I select:


Type: Opportunity

Field Name: [Product] Name

Operate: Contains

Value: Whatever


However, the results shows all contacts... even those without an opportunity.


Any thoughts?



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Re: Group Criteria question

I am not entirely sure what the query builder does behind the scenes, but I do understand why you would ask this.


There is no direct relationship between a product and a contact.  It gets murky because products are in their own table, which has a many to one relationship with an opportunity.


Then, depending upon the version of Act! you have, each opportunity has a many to many relationship to the contacts table.


So, it would seem that there is not the appropriate logic behind the advanced query builder for groups to allow it to 'walk' up the relations so as to be able to pull contacts based on products in an oppty...


A possible workaround is if you can some how 'embed' a value or values into one of the fields that is actually in the oppty table - say one of the User fields for example - and then query against that, when you build your group rules, it will then pull only the contacts you want.

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Re: Group Criteria question

Also, I believe that TopLine Dashboard will let you create this kind of list...
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Re: Group Criteria question

Thank you for your reply.


I just wish to see products per user. So if they seven people have an opportunity with product 'X', list them in the group.


The criteria is there in the group settings... so either I'm implementing it wrong, or it's a bug. And I know if someone can't understand anything it's a 'bug', but in this case I think it is

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Re: Group Criteria question

As I mentioned, it is most likely due to the complexities of the relationships between the tables.


I beleive you are using Act! 2010 - if you are, you could install the SQL Data Chart Component from the Act! DevNet part of this community and create your list that way.


It will take an understanding of SQL to do it, but the upside is that the component allows for creation of pretty much any query you want from any number of tables.


In fairness to Sage, the changes to the opportunities in Act! 2010 were a huge undertaking and they did not have the ability to re-write how every single component handles these changes (i.e. - the advanced query engine).


I suspect that as this change gets further 'digested' into the application, we will see greater abilities in these areas.


In the meantime yo do have options:


  • TopLine Dash or one of the other similar addons
  • Create your own with SQL Data Chart
  • Use OLEDB to connect to the Act! database and use Crystal, Excel or Access to create your report...
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Re: Group Criteria question

I'm afraid I'm less forgiving. If it is a bug, they need to know. Just because something is complicated doesn't make it okay to not work.


Having said that, I'll happily file a bug report -- I have worked in software development, so always try to support companies and file reports when I find them.


I guess in this case i wasn't sure if I was missing something, as I was so new to the software, and wanted some reassurance. I am convinced this is a bug now..


Thankfully I have found the search on the product # works fine...  so I will use that instead, and achieve what I want. So I can at least move on while reporting the other issue to them for their perusal.


Also thanks for the mention of the SQL Data Chart Compenent. I was was frustrated that their advanced lookup wasn't very advanced -- sometimes I like SQL for particular queries. So that coudl be helpful.



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Re: Group Criteria question

AntonyF, I am having the same problem.  I would like to use the criteria of opportunity process and I am just getting all contacts and no opportunities.  You said your query on product # worked?  That is strange.  I tried that one and still did not get valid info.  Ideally I would like just the opportunities to come up as a group--I am not as interested in the contacts.


Please let me know if you found any other workarounds.