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Error Loading the layout

I have read every other post and none of them fixed my problem.


96 DPI settings


Hardware exceleration turned off


My layout works on the server and 12 out of 16 other machines in a shared environment.  So the layout does not appear to be corrupt. 


Deleted preferences unsing actdiag. 


Everyone has full permissions to the layout folder on the network.  It is occuring on both windows 7 and xp clients.


When switching from my custom company layout (which is the one displaying this message).  to the built in, unedited company layout  I then get an error message,  value can not be null parameter dataSource


Not sure if it is relevant or not but this is with a custom company layout in 2011.  All of my other layouts work fine on every install.



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Re: Error Loading the layout

Thanks to those of you who took a look.  I figured out the problem.

I had embedded the microsoft winforms report viewer control in a custom control and those few clients that were receiving the error didn't have the required dlls on their machine.