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Contact Activities

Hi all. Does anyone know if there is a way of changing the 'contact activities' field within the activities listing from a character field to a numeric field? If this was possible then it would be possible to generate a summary 'sum' report instead of only a 'count' summary.

Thanks, Steve

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Re: Contact Activities

What screen/form are you refering to?  The schedule dialog box?  The task list?  The activities tab in contacts?
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Re: Contact Activities

Hi Scott - apologies  I put this up in the wrong post - it is also in the ACT Premium section, and I think I have a track on it there. In answer to your question, the screen/ form is when one is developing a custom activity report. If you try to do a 'sum'on the ContactActivities: Duration subfield, you will find it is permanently locked as a character field. If it was a numeric field, you could set it as a 'sum' summary field, if you follow what I mean. ( Using ACT 2009)


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Re: Contact Activities

Its possible to use VB script programming in the report to extract the time information from a character field so that it can be summed.. The History Time Spent actually does that.
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