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Act Premium for Web using a MacOSX

I've recently become an ACT user with remote access via a MAC . . . I'm looking for someone who is also using ACT via a MAC.  Not sure how to import my contacts or if possible to interface with e-mail.  Any insight is welcome. 



Thank you, 

Denise Mac User


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Re: Act Premium for Web using a MacOSX

Denise, sorry to say but your life won't be real easy. There are a few options 1. on your mac you will either need to use Parallels, VM Fusion or another VM where you are running a legal copy of windows and IE. (big pain and expensive) 2. run ies4osx an x11 program running IE6 via Darwine to get your info. this works well, don't use ie6 to connect to anyother web sites except your own Act. 3.  Have your it guy setup an authpf environment where you login to your system through a secure ssh port using terminal. Then connect directly to your Act web.  This is the easiest since it is secure and never exposes your IIS to the outside world.  The next thing would be to send messages to act to make a "web" version of the software that does NOT use IE. It needs to be cross platform, and fully functional with ALL web browsers (think JAVA). Good luck..I pulled my hair out for 2 months.  Just wait till you try to get full functionality from the email system if you try to use your gMail account...another feature request..
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Re: Act Premium for Web using a MacOSX

I've not tried it but 2009 for web is supported with Safari 3.0 on OSX 10.4 and 10.5 for the web client.:


2009 System Requirements

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Re: Act Premium for Web using a MacOSX

That is technically true however if you read the fine print the implementation is almost worthless. AFW requires activeX to really work, that is why they specify IE.  I was never able to get the writer or reports to work. They may be making adjustments as we speak so its always worth investigating.  If not, send them an email..