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ACT 2007 PREMIUM- Customize field triggers

Dear All,


I am willing to customize a field trigger dependig on the selected value of the drop list. It means I will customize a different activity to each value of the drop list. Although by setting the field trigger I just saw three options to trigger the activity, when entering, leaving or modifing the field.


So my question is, there is the possibility to edit the field trigger like that and customize it for each value of drop list field?


For example, if I have a dro list consisting of the letters a, b, c, d and e. Then I want to generate different activity for each one of these characthers.


best regards,


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Re: ACT 2007 PREMIUM- Customize field triggers

Currently, ACT! is limited to those three triggers.  This may be possible through a third party addon product.


Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -