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Unique ID

Hi I am using Sage Act! 2010 premium, i have customised  the contact layout. i want to have a field named "UID"(unique Identity)  which is in number format,and it should be autogenerated  according to the no of contacts.Eg if there are 4 contacts already in list and while entering the new 5th contact, the UID field should be bydefault "5" .Is it possible  i any ways? and how?

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Re: Unique ID

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There are numerous ways this could be accomplished, one might be to just retrieve the # of contacts after the contact has been added and assign that number to the UID field. Another slower approach might be as new contacts are added to check this field in all contacts, find the lowest existing number in this field and increment that integer by 1.


Of course, if you not just looking for an incremented numeric value, but instead a trully unique identifier you could simply display the already assigned Contact ID Act has assigned to the contact.



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Re: Unique ID

just adding up the number of contacts and adding one does not work.. if i had 20 contacts and deleted 5 (contacts with ID's 1-5) then the next number would be 16.. and there is already contact with the ID 16.. so thats not very unique at all