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Integrating Act! with MailChimp? Is this possible?

Hi there!


I'm a new Act! user. Let me say, Act = great!


We are using MailChimp to handle all our e-mail campaigns, and I was wondering if it is possible to integrate between Act and MailChimp in any way through a custom written API?


For instance, only needing to update a customers e-mail address or name in one place, for example Act, and then it automatically updates in the MailChimp database?


Possible at all?



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Re: Integrating Act! with MailChimp? Is this possible?

Sure, that would be possible, worth the effort is the question..  I don't think ACT! provides a way for you to know when a users changes the email address of a customer, but you could easily write a Console App that can Access the ACT! Framework and "sync" you ACT! contacts to your MailChimp address list..  of course MailChimp woul dhave to have an API as well..


Gavin Stevens


Gavin Stevens
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Re: Integrating Act! with MailChimp? Is this possible?

We have an add-on that integrates MailChimp with ACT! 2011 or 2012.

Gilles Cavin
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