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Copying Data from ACT to SQL Database? (And other general plugin questions)


I was looking into making a sort of checkbox or button on the ACT UI to copy a selected Contacts or other entry into a SQL Database using C# and ACT 2006, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble understanding some things!

Essentially my questions break down like this.


1.) In regards to plugins, what kind of file type would ACT be looking for in the plugins folder? I couldn't find it when reading up on the SDK.


2.) Has this been done before? If so, is that listed on a thread here somewhere? I'd like to see what others have done so I don't have to re-discover old work.


3.) I've noticed there have been people mentioning the ACT Reader? Is this required to do something like this? How's it work?


Thanks for your time, I'm just kinda having quite an issue with this old system.

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Re: Copying Data from ACT to SQL Database? (And other general plugin questions)

The Plugin is usually a DLL - remember that ACT! 2006 development was in .Net 1.1 and you might find it better to upgrade and use 2.0 or 3.5

The ACT Reader only works in Premium editions of ACT! ... if not using Premium, you might use OLEDB (also better in the later versions)

This might help: