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ACT to iPhone

Are you close to synching ACT to the iPhone?

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Re: ACT to iPhone

In my opinion, syncing might not be the way to go. We tried multiple solutions, all having mostly cons. You could sync to exchange and let your iPhone connect with it but to be honest; having 5000 contacts on your iPhone... Well... You guess...


We decided to build or own Mobile ACT! Webbased Solution. Having broadband wireless on our phones a webbased application is the way to go. Directly connected with the ACT! MSSQL database, always up-to-date, never having to sync and faster than ACT! itself. It works on every device with a webbrowser.


Some screenshots;


Users press the large menubalk to slide in the menu.


Here users can choose between the contacts, companys and agenda-view.


AJAX searchtool, search as you type, even parts of someones name.


Contact information, click on a phonenumber to call, an emailadres to send an email or a (home/work) adress to start the navigation software.


Lookup or add activities, history, notes.


Check your, or someone elses agenda.


Took me 2 weeks to figure out the ACT database and a week to write this.


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Re: ACT to iPhone

Just for interest, I have 6,500 contacts on my iPhone via Handheld Contact.... and it'll automatically add those I have an activity with or that are in groups I select

While a browser based solution might work for some, the benefits of syncing mean calls, emails, sms sent from the phone can be recorded in the history.... also means you have the data when out of radio range (something I had last week when travelling)
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Re: ACT to iPhone


Syncing will very quickly be replaced by browser based solution with the increasing adoption of cloud based solutions.


As Internet access becomes ubiquitous, it will be very rare situation where you get caught out through no Internet access, but hey it's a whole lot more cost effective than subscribing to a sync service for the average user. Whilst Mike makes valid points on attaching emails etc, it's a pricey luxury if your the average user.


Another advantage is that it is immediate, no delay on waiting on a sync process.


I suspect that it wouldn't be supported on Blackberry browser because of the dated java support. Probably work under Opera mini on BB though.


Good work... Can you edit or create a record?   

Graeme Leo
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Re: ACT to iPhone

Blackberry now uses webkit like all the smartphones.

That being said, I have just been travelling around Australia for the past month ... during most of the trip (in major regional areas like QLD's Gold Coast) I had no coverage at all.

Not to mention the pricey luxury of setting up your own servers and subscribing to sufficient bandwidth of both server and phones... not sure about New Zealand, but these are more expensive to subscribe to in Australia that HHC

But, those who need immediate access are usually prepared to pay the significant extra charges.
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Re: ACT to iPhone

" major regional areas like QLD's Gold Coast" is not a regional area, as its as big as brisbane and i think has better reception.. i should know as i live here..


but you are right in that in Oz we pay WAY to much for just about everything including bandwidth.. it is getting better thou.. but is still way behind the times and for such a big area to cover there are huge black spots that will never have coverage..

I do see that software would thou be best suited if it could do both sync or cloud.. i wrote an ipad version that does both for a client and they like it that way.. great for their office users and mobile users


You just cant rely on maccers wifi.. too slowSmiley Happy

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Re: ACT to iPhone

So you'd know that when I was in Ormeau ... only every 2nd house in some estates had access to ADSL (to get access they'd wait till someone moved) and in most parts there was no mobile access at all, except in rare weather conditions.

There is a business park in Brisbane itself with no broadband access.

It made me realise why browser based technologies cloud / SaaS are a long way from being a reality for most people ... at least in this country
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Re: ACT to iPhone

Here in The Netherlands we pay roughly 15 USD for a 7+ Mbit mobile connection and even my grandmother has Fiber to the home. But than again, we can travel (by car!) from the far north to the far south of our country within 3 hours Smiley Wink.

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ACT iPad and iPhone

Sage should be embarrassed.  This one feature alone will force me to dismiss a 1100 person company from using ACT. Not only the lack of resource, but the complete disinterest in follwoing technology developments.  Do they think the iPhone is a fad?


I've spent excatly 1 hour and 27 minutes waiting for support to ask them about their plans.  I am writing this now as I watch the clock click past an hour and a half waiting for service,


Sage, you should be alarmed at ashamed.


Wach, no one will even notice or reply from Sage apologizing for the wait. 


Now at 1 hour 44 minutes.